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Fall 2013
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Intl Financial Institutions (LAW-726-001)

Meets: 09:00 AM - 10:20 AM (TTH) - Room 524

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This course surveys the basic laws, regulations and policies that constitute international regulation of financial institutions. The course will examine the practical implications of typical international banking transactions, such as international loan syndications, letters of credit, and the legal “ring fencing” of foreign deposits. Further, the course will look at comparative financial regulation in major banking countries, including the U.S., the European Union, China and Japan. The course will also examine the regulation of international activities of U.S. banking organizations, as well as U.S. regulation of foreign banking organizations and their affiliates. Further, the course will explore the wide ranging work of the Basle Committee on International Bank Supervision in the development of comprehensive global financial institution supervision standards and how these international standards are used in U.S. supervision of foreign banking establishments. The course will examine the causes of the recent global financial crisis, as well as government reaction to address the perceived weaknesses in the international financial regulatory system and potential solutions, and related work of the G 20. The course will also examine anti-terrorist and anti-money laundering laws, as well as the special ethical issues arising in international financial services practice.

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