Mary Clark

Professor of Law
Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs

Office: Room 363
Phone: 202-274-4367
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Mary Clark is Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs at American University Washington College of Law. Dean Clark teaches in the area of Women’s Legal History, Legal Ethics, Judicial Politics, and Property and publishes in the fields of Women’s Legal History and Judicial Politics. Prior to joining the Associate Dean’s office, Professor Clark served as Director of the law school’s SJD Program and Acting Director of its Law and Government Program.

Before joining the WCL faculty, Clark was a visiting lecturer and research scholar at Yale Law School, a Supreme Court fellow with the Federal Judicial Center, a teaching fellow and adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center, and an appellate attorney with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Washington, D.C. A graduate of Bryn Mawr College (magna cum laude) and Harvard Law School, she clerked for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Montgomery, Alabama, following graduation from law school.

Currently Teaching

Degrees & Universities

  • A.B., Bryn Mawr College
  • J.D., Harvard Law School

  • Selected Publications

    • + More Publications...

    • Mary Clark, Why Care About the History of Women in the Legal Profession?, 27 Rutger's Women's Rights L. Rep. 59 (2006).
    • Mary Clark, Treading on Hallowed Ground: Implications for Property Law and Critical Theory of Recognizing the ‘Consecrated’ Nature of Land Associated with Human Death and Burial, 94 Ky. L.J. 487 (2005-2006).
    • Mary Clark, Reconstructing the World Trade Center: An Argument for the Applicability of Personhood Theory to Commercial Property Ownership and Use, 109 Penn St. L. Rev 815 (2005).
    • Mary Clark, Lessons Learned from the World Trade Center for Boston's Big Dig and Public Open Space Planning, 32 B.C. Envtl. Aff. L. Rev. 301 (2005).
    • Mary Clark, Women as Supreme Court Advocates, 1879-1979, 30 J. S. Ct. Hist. 47 (2005).
    • Mary Clark, Op Ed: A Fresh Start at Ground Zero, N.Y. Times A27 (May 5, 2004).
    • Mary Clark, The First Women Members of the Supreme Court Bar, 1879-1900, 36 S.D. L. Rev. 87 (1999).
  • + Selected Presentations

    • Mary Clark, Presentation, Commentary on Professor Susanna Fischer, “History of Judicial Compensation,” (D.C.-area Legal History Roundtable, Wash., D.C., Nov. 2007).
    • Mary Clark, Presentation, Women Judges Speaking Out (New Women’s Legal History Symposium, University of Akron Law School, Akron, Ohio, Oct. 2007).
    • Mary Clark, Presentation, Not My Brethren’s (Gate) Keeper? (Texas-Wesleyan University Law School Faculty Workshop, Fort Worth, Tex., Apr. 2007).
    • Mary Clark, Presentation, Symposium: Twenty Years of Legal Ethics: Past, Present, and Future (Georgetown University Law Center, Wash., D.C., Oct. 2006).
    • Mary Clark, Presentation, Commentary on Professor Renee Lerner Lettow, “American Judges, English Judges, and the Power to Comment on Evidence" (D.C.-area Legal History Roundtable at George Washington University Law School, Wash., D.C., Sept. 2006).
    • Mary Clark, Presentation, The Legal Semiotics of Death and Burial (McGill University Faculty of Law, Montreal, Quebec, Can., 2005).
    • Mary Clark, Presentation, Keep Your Hands Off My (Dead) Body (Emory University Law School, Atlanta, Ga., 2005).
    • Mary Clark, Presentation, Treading on Hallowed Ground (American Association of Law Schools Mid-Year Meeting, 2004).
    • Mary Clark, Presentation, A History of Supreme Court Advocacy by Women, 1879-1979, Leon Silverman Endowed Lecture Series (Supreme Court Historical Society, U.S. Supreme Court, Wash., D.C., 2004).
    • Mary Clark, Organizer & Moderator, Redeveloping the World Trade Center Site: A Study in Land Use Planning (American University Washington College of Law, Wash., D.C., 2004).
    • Mary Clark, Presentation, Lessons Learned from the World Trade Center for Boston's Big Dig and Public Open Space Planning (Boston College Law School, Bos., Mass., 2004).
    • Mary Clark, Presentation, Why Does it Matter that Women and/or People of Color are Appointed to the Bench? Feminism and Legal Theory Project Workshop (Cornell Law School, Ithaca, N.Y., 2003).
    • Mary Clark, Presentation, Carter's Groundbreaking Appointment of Women to the Federal Bench (American Association of Law Schools Mid-Year Meeting, 2003).